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A Night of Driving & Picking up Prostitutes. [Aug. 16th, 2005|03:15 am]
My Show with Matt Chin
Well I just got home, I was driving around downtown with Rick the Sidekick. We went to see the Aristocrats it was a pretty good movie. Some of the comedians had a good take on the joke but nothing really shocking probably cuz I'm a sick bastard haha. Anyway, after the movie we drove around downtown. We pretty much drove up and down every street. Why? Well why not? We were actually trying to shoot a 1 minute film on intersections but never shot anything because 1-- there's some crazy crack heads out at 2 am down there and 2-- I was probably going to get hit by a crazy taxi driver. We drove along Jarvis and saw all the prostitutes. Is it wrong that I actually found some of them hot? I am absolutely fascinated with prostitutes who would do something like that? Sure the money's probably good but there's gotta be something better they could do but I'm not complaining. I stopped and asked one of them to show me the menu that was fun I think I have numerous STD's now but we won't get into that. Right now there's an infomercial on TV with hot girls telling me to call them now...maybe I will, they look nice but at what price? Who knows with those things you probably end up talking to some fat chick from Nebraska and who wants to talk to that? I mean Nebraska? Hey I actually know one the girls on this infomercial she auditioned for me once. This is a crazy world we live in where I see sluts I auditioned slutting it out on TV. Good Night Air Conditioners!

Fascinated by the ladies of the night,