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My Show with Matt Chin

The Ultimate Livejournal

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In 2003, 'My Show' began officially airing full length episodes (or 'webisodes' as we liked to call them) over the internet. The response was great! People from all over the world were logging on to see Matt's off the wall street & sketch comedy infused into the late night talk show atmosphere. By 2004, the show was gathering Buzz, even The Late Show with David Letterman expressed interest in the show. Matt & the cast continually strive to put out the best show possibly each and everytime. You can now catch the show on Bite TV or on our website, http://www.myshowscrazy.com.

Welcome to the My Show with Matt Chin livejournal! We decided to create our LJ because a)we wanted to be cool like you b)we wanted to keep everyone updated on what's going on & c)we wanted a place to interact with fans. Yes, that's right, you will get the inside scoop. Join our ultimate LJ community too, where you can interact with other fans just like yourself at myshowcommunity

You can check us out on Bite TV (channel 322, Rogers Digital Cable) Thursday's & Saturday's at 10:30pm.

My Show is...

- Matt Chin
- Rick Thompson
- Cheryl Meyer
- Mandy Logan